Governance & Goals

Richmond Public Library Board

Susan Koch

Robin Leung

Traci Corr

Diane Cousar

Chaslynn Gillanders

Caty Liu

Cllr. Linda McPhail

Jordan Oye

Senior Staff

Susan Walters
Chief Librarian & Secretary to the Board

Mark Ellis
Manager of Information Technology

Iris Lee
Manager of Human Resources

Christi Hrabowsky
Executive Assistant

Melanie Au
Coordinator of Children & Family Services

Allen Chi
Coordinator of Information Technology

Wendy Jang
Coordinator of Multicultural & Chinese Community Services

Shaneena Rahman
Coordinator of Collections

Lee Anne Smith
Coordinator of Programming & Information Services

Stephanie Vokey
Coordinator of Marketing & Public Relations

Anne Bechard
Coordinator of Community Services

Ping He
Head of Information Services

Cindy Ho
Head of Digital Services

Kate Adams
Head of Kids' Place

Catherine Lindsay
Head of Seniors Services

Serena Griffin
Supervisor of Circulation & Merchandising