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Musqueam Artist Workshops2019-01-17

Richmond, BC – In partnership with the City of Richmond Public Art Program, Richmond Public Library is excited to be offering its first ever series of Musqueam Artist Workshops at the Brighouse branch. This series encourages cross-cultural exchange and provides hands-on opportunities to learn about Musqueam culture.

Traditional Musqueam Paddles with Martin Sparrow

Martin Sparrow is a carver, traditional coastal performer and fisherman of Musqueam descent. Annually, in the fall, Martin smokes fish in a traditional smoke house. His smoked salmon is purchased worldwide. Martin has many stories of how his art and culture are his medicines for his own personal and community struggles. Martin believes strongly that the Indigenous way and the protection of salmon are good for all. He will host three workshops, running from January into February. Participants will learn about traditional hand-carved paddles and how they are used in cultural rituals and as an everyday tool in Musqueam culture. Participants will learn how to create their own designs and motifs on miniature wooden paddles to take home.

Musqueam Salmon Carving with Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell comes from a family of carvers and is of Musqueam descent. His relatives have all influenced his style of carving. Richard has been carving for 39 years in modern contemporary and Coast Salish style. He contributed to the building of the Coast Salish-style longhouse that is in the Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec. He will host a series of three workshops throughout March to demonstrate traditional carving techniques at different stages of his creative process. Participants will witness the transformation of a block of wood into a beautiful carved salmon. Richard will share stories and knowledge on the significance of salmon in Musqueam culture, including how it is used and prepared for sustenance and ceremonial purposes.

All workshops are full with a waitlist or nearly full. To find out more about these workshops or to be added to the waitlist for one of the workshops, please visit the library’s event calendar at Stay tuned for more programs exploring Indigenous culture throughout 2019.

These workshops are part of the 2019 Engaging Artists in Community Program for Public Art. The program aims to support artists with socially-oriented practices and encourages the development of a wide variety of collaborative engagements for artists working within communities. Community-based artworks can express a shared goal or theme and provoke dialogue on ideas related to cultural identity, social history or the environment.


Stephanie Vokey, Coordinator, Marketing & Public Relations, 604-231-6454 ,

Winter Author Events at RPL2019-01-07

Richmond, BC – If you love reading, connecting with local authors and meeting other book lovers, then look no further than the Winter Author Events series, coming this February to Richmond Public Library’s Brighouse branch.

The library welcomes the following authors at four different events, taking place from February 2nd to March 2nd. Come out and support local authors!

Sunday Feb. 3
2:30 – 4:00pm Pnina Granirer
Light within the Shadows: A Painter’s Memoir
This lively and moving memoir about the author’s life as an artist, wife and mother begins in Romania, continues in Israel and concludes in North America.

Sunday Feb. 10
2:30 – 4:00 pm Lillian Boraks-Nemetz
Mouth of Truth: Buried Secrets
This unique story is about a woman trapped in the vault of family secrets. Forty years after the Second World War, she discovers the truth about her beloved father, who was a Jewish policeman in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Sunday Feb. 10 11:00am – 12:00pm Ellen Schwartz
The Princess Dolls
The Princess Dolls is a gentle story about friendship set in Vancouver in 1942 and is suitable for ages 8-12. Ellen is a highly acclaimed author of 17 books for young children and teens, including several historical novels dealing with social justice.

Saturday Mar. 2
2:30 – 4:00 pm Dr. Lawrence Matrick
The Quisling
Rose Cuddy
Return of the Jaguar
The Quisling is a medical thriller about psychiatrist Dr. Zack Scarlatto who becomes involved with a violent Mexican drug cartel.
Return of the Jaguar is a political thriller by local author Norman Cuddy, published posthumously by his wife Rose. It’s based on a true story about a massacre of Indigenous peoples that occurred in Mexico in 1997.

All events are free to attend but interested participants must register in advance at


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Stephanie Vokey, Coordinator, Marketing & Public Relations, 604-231-6454 ,