New Lending Policies

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Loan Periods

These are the loan periods for the following types of material.

Books including bestsellers, CD Books and inter-library loans 3 weeks
Magazines, Rapid Reads, CDs, ESL DVDs, DVDs, & DVD Dispenser Games 1 week
Dispenser DVDs (Movies & TV Series) 3 days
All Kits including Health Department Bins, Nostalgia Kits, Theme Boxes, Theme Bags 3 weeks
Book Club Sets 6 weeks
Hamilton Book Dispenser Books 3 weeks

Renewal Policies

As of July 2016, all regular print books are now renewable twice for their full loan period. You can now renew up to 6 weeks for books without holds.

Late Charges

Borrowing from RPL is FREE!
Return your items on time to avoid charges.
As of January 2016, we lowered the threshold on late charges from $10 to $5. If you have $5 or more in late charges, please pay at the Accounts desk to continue to borrow (library hours & locations). You can view your account to check your charges.

Holds not picked up will be charged $2 for each item.

Adults Maximum fine per item is $15.00
Books, Magazines, Inter-Library Loans $0.50 / day
Rapid Reads $1.00 / day
Teens Maximum fine per item is $10.00
Books, Magazines $0.25 / day
Rapid Reads $0.50 / day
Kids Maximum fine per item is $5.00 (Maximum fine for Theme Bags and Theme boxes is $10.00)
Books, Magazines, Picture Books $0.10 / day
Rapid Reads $0.50 / day
Theme Bags & Boxes $1.00 / day
Media Maximum fine per item is $15.00
DVDs & CDs $1.00 / day
CD Books $0.50 / day

Material Borrowing Limits

As of February 5, 2018, members may now borrow up to 30 items per category for regular print books, magazines and non-dispenser DVDs up to a total of 30 items per card (not including digital collections).

Items 30 / card
Book Club Sets 2 / card
Inter-Library Loans 5 / card
Items 30 / card
Items 30 / card
Theme Bags 2 / card
Theme Boxes 2 / card
Kids Book Club Sets 2 / card
Items 30 / card
DVD Dispenser Movies, TV Shows & Games 4 / card
Digital Collections are not included in the 30 maximum borrowing limit
eBooks (OverDrive) 10 / card
eAudiobooks (OverDrive) 10 / card
eAudiobooks (OneClickdigital) 5 / card
Streaming music, movies, and books (Hoopla) 8 / card
Hamilton Book Dispenser As of November 1, 2018
Items 20 / card