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    Richmond Public Library has over 100 computers for access to the Internet and software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Computers are free to use with a valid Richmond Public Library card and can be booked online or by phoning your branch.

    Every library cardholder can have up to two hours a day.

    Please note, use of Public Computers and Internet is governed by RPL’s Rules of Acceptable Use.
    Failure to follow these policies may result in loss of computer privileges.

    Free Public Computers & Internet

    Free Public Computers

    RPL public computers provide access to Internet and software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point.

    Branch Specific Computer Services

    Different branches have different types of work stations and booking durations.

    » Book a computer at your branch.

    Computer Booking System Features

    Automatic Booking Extensions
    (Based on Availability)

    If there are enough computers available after your time limit is reached, your session will be automatically extended.

    Make a Scheduled Booking

    Because of the automatic extensions, we recommend booking a computer station in advance, rather than depending on the availability of walk-up bookings.

    Smart Booking Assignment

    The system will automatically assign you a computer in the area you have selected. Booking specific computer stations is not supported.

    Early Sign-On

    The system will allow you to sign on early to an unused station you have booked.

    Book a Computer

    Printers, Photocopiers & Scanners


    Printers are available in all branches. Please see a staff member if you have difficulties connecting.

    Cost to Print: 20¢ per page


    Every branch has a photocopier.

    Cost to Photocopy: 20¢ per page

    Scanners are connected to specific computer stations at each branch. Scanner usages are limited to 30 mins.

    Please see branch specific information for scanner availabilities at each location

    Brighouse, Cambie, Ironwood, Steveston Cost to Scan: Free

    Print From Your Own Laptop

    You can also print from your own computer. Just download and install our Print Client.

    Print Client PDF User Guide
    Download our Print Client

    Free Internet

    Free Wireless Internet (WiFi)

    All library branches have free WiFi, just connect to "Richmond Public Library."
    No password required.

    Free Desktop Internet Access

    Internet access is also available through designated computer stations. (See Free Public Computer section)

    Protect Your Data

    The RPL wireless network is unsecured. You may need to change firewall or privacy settings in order to connect. The library accepts no responsibility for damage due to viruses or malware. Wireless users concerned about privacy and security should use encrypted connections such as those provided by SSL (URLs beginning with https://) or VPN software.

    Protect Your Hardware

    The library does not accept responsibility for stolen equipments. The library is a public area, please don't leave your laptop or personal belongings unattended.

    RPL's Public Internet and Technology Policy

    Bookable Equipment & Spaces

    3D Printers

    Get started on 3D Printing at RPL. We offer 3D printing orientations & 3D printer booking.

    3D Printing Subject Guide
    Learn More

    Kobo eReaders

    Want to try out the eReading experience? RPL now has eReaders you can take home!

    eReaders with preloaded book titles are available for adults, teens, and kids.

    Learn More

    Study Rooms

    There are 3 bookable study rooms located in the silent study area of Brighouse branch's 2nd floor. Same day bookings for these spaces can be made at the 2nd Floor Ask Me desk of the Brighouse (Main) Branch or call 604-231-6413.

    Library Contact Info

    Community Table

    Located at the Brighouse branch, the community table allows Richmond community groups to inform community members about the services and programs they offer.

    Community Table Booking Form

    Photo Scanner

    We offer a photo/negative/slide scanner that is located in the Launchpad at the Brighouse Branch.
    Schedule a booking time today!

    Learn More

    Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

    Home energy monitors give you real-time information about your household's electricity use – in kilowatts, and dollars and cents. Learn More

    Take One Home Today

    DAISY Disc & Victor Reader

    DAISY discs and Victor readers are audio substitute for print material. Available for members experiencing difficulties reading due to factors like blindness, impaired vision, and dyslexia.

    Accessibility Services

    Wheelchairs at Brighouse

    Two wheelchairs are available for customers at the Brighouse (Main) Branch. Speak with a staff at the Accounts Desk for access.

    Accessibility Services