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Manage your library account with the options below. You will be prompted to login with your library card number and 4 digit PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number) first if you are not logged in.

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View and renew items currently checked out on your library card.

View your holds, check their status, cancel or suspend them.

Manage and pay the charges associated with your library card.

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Preferred Library Location
Select the default pick up location for your library holds.

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Bookshelves and lists are tools you can use to manage your reading materials. For system generated Borrowing History refer to the Recently Returned option.

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My Shelves
Use shelves to track items you’ve borrowed, or plan to borrow.

For everything you've finished reading, watching, or listening to.

In Progress
For all items you are currently working through.

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For items you would like to borrow in the future.

My Lists
Use lists to organize items related to a specific topic or idea.

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Update PIN
Update your 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number » About PIN).

Email Notification
If you provide us with your email, we will e-mail you courtesy notices to alert you of hold pick-ups, due dates and overdue items.

View or change your privacy settings. Use this setting to enable the recently returned feature.

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