Event Calendar Help

How To Find Events

Finding Events Through Event Search

You can use the Event Search box to look for events or classes.
Just enter keywords (i.e. school, writing, reading etc.) into the search box and click Go!

Finding Events Through Filters

There are 6 different event filters located on the left side of the page. You can use these filters to find events that are relevant to you.

Event Categories (Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors) Filter
Event categories are colour coded based on our key audiance group. You can also use this filter to find information on RPL's Holiday closures and hours.

Audience Age Group
Find age specific events

Library Branch
Find events taking place at one of our 4 library branches or an offsite location.

Event Type
We offer both Drop In and Sign Up Required events or classes.

Find events based on the languages they are offered in.

Event Subject
Find events based on subject area.

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Change Viewing Options

RPL's event calendar supports multiple view options.

Using the Change Calendar View control located near the top right corner of the calendar, you can switch between: Multi-Week, Day, Month, Details, Summary, and Table views.

How To Check Event Details

To quickly check an event's time and location, you can simply place the mouse cursor on top of the event. A pop-up that contains the event's time and location details will appear.

To see more details of the event you can click on the event's title and the event details page will open up.

How To Sign Up

RPL offers both drop in and sign up required events. Events that require sign up will have an (R) located in front of the event title. When you place the mouse cursor over the title of these programs, the event details pop-up will display a Sign Up link at the bottom.

Sign Up buttons can also be found on the event details page. You can click on the event title to open the event details page.

Step 1: Click on the sign up link and the registration form will open in a pop-up window.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form with your name, email address, library card barcode and phone number. Once you finish filling out the form, click on the OK button. An email will be sent to you to confirm that you have successfully registered. Keep this email, as it will also contain a button that allows you to cancel your sign-up.

How To Cancel a Sign Up

When you first sign up for an event, a confirmation email will be sent to your email. If you decide not to attend the event you signed up for, use the "Cancel Registration" button enclosed in that email to cancel your sign up.

Reminders and Notifications

You can set up reminders and notifications with our Event Calendar.
Reminders for specific events are sent by email and text message before an event starts.
Notifications can be are sent by email to alert you of any changes or updates of the event.

The controls used to set up reminders and notifications can be found at 2 different places in the event calendar: on the main calendar view and inside an event details view.

Main Calendar View

On the main calendar view, you have the option to set up reminders or notifications for 1 or more events simultaneously.

Step 1: Select the check-box of the event(s) you want to set a reminder for.

Step 2: Use the drop down control located at the top right corner of the calendar to select a desirable action.

Event Details View

Inside each event detail view, the action you perform are only associated with the event you are looking at.

Keeping Track of Events

If you have a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, you can manage the events you have signed up for through the event calendar's My Event feature. Benefits of My Event.

You can also add events to your personal calendars in multiple ways:

Through Main Calendar View

Step 1: Select the check-box of the event you are interested in.

Step 2: Click on the "Add to my Calendar button"

Step 3: A popup window will open. You will need to select the calendar you use.

Through Event Details Popup or Event Details View

Step 1: Place your mouse cursor over the title of an event and a pop-up will appear. There will be an "Add to Calendar" option located on the bottom of the pop up.

Step 2: An "Add to Calendar" option is also found within the event details view.

iCAL File, RSS Feed, or Print

You can also subscribe to our event calendar through RSS or iCal Feed. Click on the "Subscribe" option of the calendar and a pop-up window will open with the available options. Or, you can print by clicking on the printer icon.

Share With Your Friends

Our event calendar makes it easier for you to share fun events with your friends.

Step 1: Select the check-box of the event you are interested in.

Step 2: Use the drop down control located at the top right corner to select the "Forward To Friends" option.

Step 3: Fill out the form in the pop-up window and send the event info on its way to your friends by clicking "Submit"!

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