Let's Read

Let's Read

Summer Reading Finale 2017

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The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King
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Did You Know

  • A Special Place For Books
    One of the easiest ways to show your child the importance of reading is to make a special place in your home to store your child's books.

  • Predictor of Reading Ability
    Knowledge of alphabet letters at entry into kindergarten is a strong predictor of reading ability in 10th grade.

  • Incorporate Literacy During TV Time
    Talk with your child about their show.

  • Preparing for Reading
    Singing and rhyming increases children's awareness of and sensitivity to the sounds in words. This helps prepare children to read.

  • How to Help Your Child Develop Literacy Skills?
    You can help your child develop literacy skills during regular activities without adding extra time to your day. Talk to your child as you do everyday tasks such as sorting the laundry or thinking about what to cook for dinner.

  • Library Storytime
    Library storytime is a parent's opportunity to learn some new songs, stories, and rhymes that you can share and repeat with your child at home.

  • Get a Library Card!
    Ask us to help sign your child up for a library card!
    Get a RPL library card today!
    Did you know? You don't have to live in Richmond to get a RPL card!

  • Improving Literacy Skills With Multiple Languages
    Adults and children can improve their literacy skills by reading books in the family's first language and then reading the same book in English.

  • Read & Re-read
    Read and reread books about topics your child is interested in.

  • Share Your Experiences with Your Child
    Share what you read with your child. Read aloud a portion of the newspaper or a book you are reading. Share why reading is fun.

  • Storytelling
    Storytelling encourages imaginative thinking and builds narrative skills. Gather your family members at meal times and have them tell the story of their day.

  • Nursery Rhymes
    Research shows that knowing eight nursery rhymes by age four means better readign skills at age eight.

  • Be A Literary Role Model!
    Set a great example by keeping books in your home and modeling good reading habits.

  • Be Visually Literate
    Explain illustrations in books.

  • Storytime & Babytime
    We have FREE storytime and babytime programs each week to encourage reading and literacy. We also have special events that help build literacy skills, including puppet shows, sing-alongs and more! Browse RPL's Event Calendar

  • Tumblebooks for Kids Check out RPL's Digital Collections
    Have you tried out Tumblebooks kids e-book collection? The words of each story are highlighted as they are read out loud. Keep in mind that e-books, apps and online games are best for kids age 2 or older.

  • Home Message Board
    Try a home message board to exchange notes.

  • Learning Tips for Babies
    Children under the age of two learn best from real-world experiences and interactions – such as physical play, reading print books together or listening to music together.

  • Reluctant Readers
    Boys are traditionally more reluctant readers. Magazines, sport cards, comics and others still count as reading.

  • Reading in Your First Language
    Readign in your first language helps you learn English easier.

  • Build Vocabulary with Games
    Board games and card games help build literacy by including words.

  • Reading is Bonding
    Reading to Children is a bonding and nurturing experience.

  • Learning New Words
    Children learn new words through nursery rhymes.

  • Ask Questions
    Interact with your child when they try new apps, ask questions and point out new things.

  • Incorporate Reading into Play
    Incorporate reading an dwords into your child's playtime.

  • Read to Big Kids
    Keep reading to your big kid to expand their vocabulary and book choices.

  • Let Your Child Turn the Pages
    Let your cild turn the pages of the book so they understand how it works.

  • Read Early
    Studies show that future success depends on early reading abilities.

  • Age Appropriate Books
    Choose age appropriate books for your child's development level.

  • What Makes A Better Reader?
    The more children read the better readers they become.

  • Introduction to English
    Library storytimes are an excellent introduction to English.

  • Seasonal & Holidays Reads
    Visit the library for books that go along with the seasons and special holidays.

  • Encourage Free Play
    Play stimulates the healthy development of children’s brains. Unstructured or free play is the best type of play for young children.

  • What's At Your Library?
    The library has thousands of great books, digital books, movies, games and music albums to choose from – there is something for everyone!
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  • Keeping Digital Screens Out of the Bedroom
    There is a place and time for digital learning. It's not bedtime though.
    Keeping screens out of the bedroom can help your child have a better night’s sleep.

  • Limiting Screen Time
    The Canadian Paediatric Association encourages parents to limit screen time. For children under age 2, the recommendation is zero screen time. For children age 2-4, try a limit of 1 hour per day.

Great Reads for Kids

Book Reviews by Richmond Kids

Looking for something good to read?
Check out what other Richmond kids are reading.

Tales from a Not-so-friendly Frenemy

reviewed by Romina, age 8

This book is about a girl going to a new school just for one week then coming back to her old school. I like this book because the chapter book named Tales from a Not-so-Friendly Frenemy is a very long and exciting book and is fun to read. I also liked it because of the part the nurse wanted to surgically remove a phone from a girl's hand as she couldn't stop taking selfies!
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Magic Tree House series

reviewed by Jeff, age 8

These books are about a boy and a girl who go to the magic tree house. They point at the picture and they go to the place that the picture shows and they have a mission there! I like this book because Jack and Annie have to solve problems so they can get back home.
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Fahrenheit 451

reviewed by James, age 12

This book is about a future (but a not-too-distant one) where people are no longer interested in books, and firemen START fires to burn these illegal books. However, one fireman has thought over this idea slightly more than everyone else. I like this book because it shows how fragile our world is, and that if we're not careful enough, one of our most prized treasures will be forgotten forever. It shows that, despite all our modern technology, we must not forget what made people grow up into themselves: books. Books have shaped not just us, but the world.
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reviewed by Aaron, age 10

This book is about a boy named Michael who finds an angel creature named Skellig who lives paralyzed. Michael meets a new friend at his new school whose name is Mina. Together they discover the secrets of Skellig, and at the same time, their lives change forever because they would like to help more people than before. I really enjoyed reading it's ending because it is really peaceful. I feel peaceful because Skellig flew off into the dark blue sky after the special meeting about the truth of his life is over. Before he left, he told the kids to remember about this special meeting even when he is not with them.
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Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus

reviewed by Tony, age 10

This book is about a child who goes to Washington D.C. for a field trip. His friend brought origami stuff that is from Star Wars. But someday they get into trouble. Find out more from the book... I like this book because it is funny and I usually get in trouble. They had created names for each Star Wars character. So there were these guys: Origami Yoda or Frutigami Yoda, Darth Paper, Emperor Pickletine, Fortune Wookie, Princess Labelmaker, Han Foldo, etc. These guys were trying to make the best plans to escape and some were very stupid. Origami Yoda isn't stupid, he just has a few grammar mistakes.
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Dog Gone!

reviewed by Aaron, age 10

This book is about two twins, Billy and Jillian. They want to donate money to the dog shelter by making a bake sale. However, their parents are famous burglars, and they decide to steal a dog instead. They told Billy to steal the most pretty dog, which was found in a dog salon. Billy and Jillian have to return the dog before any ransom is paid to their parents. They secretly followed their parents and stopped them from stealing any ransom. I like this book because it explains a lot of details when Billy's family thinks their plans because they always think deeply into the problem and try to solve it. Billy's parents were thinking of stealing ransom from the dog's owner, and they thought that a dog's sense of smell was very strong, so they decided not to return the dog because it might track them down. Instead, they put a brick in a box and head for the ransom.
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The Heaven of Animals

reviewed by Romina, age 7

This book is about animals that are in Heaven that have angels. Also the angels know every favourite game of the animals. I like this book because firstly, I never have heard of animals that have angels. Secondly, I really liked the descriptions because I could imagine that I am in Heaven.
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Extreme Babymouse

reviewed by Adrielle, age 9

This book is about Babymouse going snowboarding. She dreams about snowboarding at school and her friend invites the whole class. Her mom says no but Babymouse convinces her mom. The next day she went snowboarding. When she arrived she didn't know how to but she learned then had a lot of fun.
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Gum Luck

reviewed by Alia, age 6

Gum Girl is a super hero. She defeats the villain, Robo Chef. She saves the world. Gum Girl is Gabby Gomez. I like this book because Gabby Gomez becomes Gum Girl and saves the world. It is a super hero story.
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A Perfect Time for Pandas

reviewed by Louis, age 10

This book is about Annie and Jack saving the pandas in China. I like it because they save pandas and if they are lost they will find them. The feed the pandas panda bread and bamboo. Jack and Annie are brave.
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