You can learn new digital skills! Workshops available for all ages and skill levels on 3D Printing, Animation & Design, Coding, Gaming & Apps, Robotics & Electronics, and Tech Basics.

3D Printing

Bring your ideas to life via 3D printing with our library’s in-house 3D printers and 3D scanner. Discover how to 3D model through workshops for kids, teens and adults.
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Animation & Design

Animation combines artistry and imagination to tell stories. Our animation and design programs provide a basic introduction to the digital media arts process by exploring 2D animation, stop-motion, media editing, green screen and special effects.
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Learn to code with and without computers. Explore coding concepts by creating interactive art, stories, music, and games. From Kids’ Code Club to workshops for adults, we offer programs for all ages and levels.
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Gaming and Apps

Games help build spatial and problem solving skills as well as create friendships that ignite creativity. Be a part of a growing community of gamers at RPL’s Launchpad and connect with others with similar interests.
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Robotics & Electronics

Get hands-on experience with the library’s growing Digital Learning Collection. Robotics and electronic tech tools include programmable Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits, Dash & Dot robots, and Spheros. Explore electronics and circuitry with LittleBits, Raspberry Pi and MaKey MaKey kits. Ask our staff about our Digital Learning Tours.
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Tech Basics

Learn basic skills with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Get started with Computer Basics, attend our Tech Talks with topics ranging from social media to online learning, or bring your own tech to our weekly Device Clinics for one-on-one support.
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