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Stories On Our Plates

RPL is sending out a special invitation to our members.

We want to hear your stories and showcase your best cooking recipes via RPL's new digital publishing tool Create & Learn.
Share your love of food and cooking with the community!

Participation Instructions: View Here »

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What is Create & Learn?

your idea + unique content + publish

Richmond’s portal for community created content.
A digital publishing platform with integrated tools where you can publish your creative work and enhance it with simplicity.
To add your content to Create & Learn all you need is your RPL library card: Get A Library Card

Open Create & Learn

 Need Help Getting Started? Check Our Create & Learn Tutorial.

Potential Ways To Use Create & Learn

Don't let these suggestions limit your imagination.
Feel free to invent other creative ways to use Create & Learn. The sky's the limit!

Express Creativity
Express your creativity! Create & Learn is a great place for self-publishing; share your short stories, poetry, novels.
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Share Community Content
Part of a club or social organization? Post updates, meeting times, and any other info you want to share about your club here!
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Showcase Achievements
Showcase your book reports, science, socials, or other school projects here, and share the link with your teachers and classmates!
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Contribute Knowledge
Post tutorials and training documents! Create & Learn is an easily accessible place to post knowledge based resources.
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