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About Audiobooks

An audiobook is a recording of text being read. Audiobooks are perfect for teaching children to read, enjoying your favourite book while on the go and reading for visually impaired book lovers.

eAudiobooks at RPL

Richmond Public Library provides a rich collection of Audiobooks for our members. In addition to our Audiobook CDs, we also have 3 downloadable eAudiobooks collections: the OverDrive eAudiobooks collection, the Hoopla eAudiobooks collection, and the OneClick Digital eAudiobooks collection.*

Use our user guides to help you get started with reading OverDrive eAudibooks.

*Downloadable eAudiobooks are available to Richmond residents only due to licensing agreements.
If you are not a Richmond resident, check your home city libraries to access their downloadable eAudiobooks collection.
You are also welcomed to access RPL's Audiobook CD Collection.

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Official OverDrive eAudiobook Help

All tutorial content on this site can be printed by clicking on the "Print" button located near the top right corner of the page.

OverDrive eAudiobooks User Guide

OverDrive eAudiobooks Collection Overview

Richmond Public Library's OverDrive eAudiobooks collection has close to 1000 popular titles.

The Basics of OverDrive eCollection (eAudiobooks + eBooks)
  • Up to 10 holds can be placed at a time
  • Up to 10 items can be borrowed at a time
  • Each item is checked-out for 21 days
  • Titles will automatically expire after their lending period is over. There is no need to return them!
  • You cannot renew items, but you can go back and borrow an item again if it is available.
How to access OverDrive eAudiobooks?

eAudiobooks can be borrowed and accessed in much of the same way as OverDrive eBooks.

  1. You must have a valid Richmond Public Library card (Get a Card) and Richmond residency.

    RPL's OverDrive collection is only available to Richmond residents due to licensing agreements.
    If you are not a Richmond resident, check your home library for eBook and eAudiobook access.

  2. You will need Internet connection.

  3. You will need a free Adobe ID - see Adobe ID tutorial for more details.

  4. You need to have one of the following digital devices. Follow the instructions outlined in OverDrive's official tutorials.

    Check the complete list of devices compatible with RPL's OverDrive collection if you're not sure your device is here or not.

    Devices NOT compatible with RPL's OverDrive eAudiobooks collection.

    • Kobo e-Ink Readers & Sony eReader - Support RPL's OverDrive eBooks collection
    • Amazon Kindle - Not available to Canadian libraries
    • Blackberry Playbook - as of April 2014
    • Blackberry Smartphones - as of April 2014
    • Androic Devices with OS lower than 2.2
    • First Generation iPad

About OverDrive Account

Why do I need an OverDrive Account?

When you open the OverDrive Media App on your device you will be prompted to signup for an OverDrive account. After you sign up for an OverDrive account, your devices will be automatically activated you when you sign in on each one. You can have up to six devices synced and authorized with your OverDrive account.

Devices with the latest OverDrive app (for Android 4.0+, Chromebook, iOS 6.0+, or Windows 8/RT) work with your OverDrive account to sync progress and bookmarks for eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos that you've downloaded or added to the app. So when you move from your iPad to your Nexus 6, you don't have to spend time scrolling through pages or fast-forwarding to find your current place or favorite passage.

How much does an OverDrive account cost?

Not a thing. OverDrive accounts are completely free.

Does an OverDrive account replace my library card or account?

No. Even if you create an OverDrive account, you'll still need a library account and your library card to borrow and enjoy titles from your library's digital collection.

Refer to OverDrive Help for more detail on OverDrive Account.