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    1. What is changing and when is it happening?

    What is the Launchpad currently used for and what services does it provide?

    Currently the Launchpad offers the following services:

    A collaborative digital learning hub

    A maker space

    All things tech!

    Staff-led 1-to-1’s, small group and class learning opportunities

    3D printing and 3D certification

    Photo and negative scanning

    Create & Learn

    Coding, robotics and circuitry

    What is changing?

    • The Launchpad is shifting from a proof-of-concept service to a full service point and collaborative digital learning space.

    When does it start? How long will the construction take? When is the completion date?

    • Member bookings for 3D printing and photo/negative scanning in the space will be available until Friday January 6, 2017.
    • The project is scheduled to start January 9, 2017 and complete by March, 2017.

    What does it look like?

    • Check out the floorplan poster inside the Brighouse branch for a sneak peek at the exciting layout!

    Will there be parts of the former Launchpad space that can be used during the renovations?

    • No – construction hoarding will be going up and the space will not be accessible.

    2. Tell me more!

    How will I be kept updated on the project?

    • There is detailed signage posted at Brighouse branch.
    • Ask a staff member if you have any questions!
    • The library’s website and social media channels will share information about the project.

    Page updated on Jan 4th, 2017