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The Girl from Everywhere

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History Is All You Left Me

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Book of the Month: April - Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct
By S.E. Green

What would you do if you had urges to kill? How would you feel if a local serial killer was sending you morbid messages? Most of us would be horrified, not Lane, the protagonist of Killer Instinct, book one of the Killer Instinct series by S.E. Green.

Lane spends her days keeping up her good grades, her afternoons working at the local animal hospital and her evenings hunting local criminals. Using her skills in Aikido and special knowledge of what makes a killer tick Lane is trying to bring justice to her town. The local news has nicknamed her the "Masked Savior" for all of the "good deeds" she has been doing.

Lane is trying her best to quell her own dark urges since she herself might just be a serial killer as well. Are we born a killer or is it something we become? This question is something Lane asks herself regularly.

I listened to this book through my RPL Hoopla account as a streaming audio book. It is read by Emily Woo Zeller, I really like the tone and production of this audio book. Zeller is a well established audio book narrator and has interpreted teenager Lane well. It is also available in print, you can place a hold by clicking here: Killer Instinct.

Please note that this book contains strong language and sexual content.

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