Richmond Chinese School Foundation Donation

A Brief History of the Richmond Chinese School Foundation

The Richmond Chinese School Foundation was established by a group of parents/ex-directors of the Richmond Chinese School Society in 2000. The main purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial contributions to organizations to assist them in promoting the Chinese language and culture in local communities.

The heritage of the Foundation can be traced back to the Richmond Chinese School Society which started the first Chinese school in Richmond in 1975. The School offered language classes to students aged from 3 to 17 years old. Classes for adults were later added due to demand. At one time, the School had in excess of 500 registered students.

When the Richmond Chinese School was started, the vision was to provide an appropriate learning environment to all those interested in learning the Chinese language and culture. The warm reception of the School over the years inspired other volunteer groups to initiate similar undertakings. In the last 15 years, we have witnessed a surge in the number of Chinese schools with each serving a different segment of the Chinese community in Richmond.

As for the Richmond Chinese School, after more than 20 years of successful operation, directors of the School realized the School could further extend its impact to the Richmond community at large. An endowment fund was granted to the Foundation by the Richmond Chinese School Society with the vision of promoting the learning of the Chinese language and culture to all those interested regardless of their racial backgrounds.

Between 2001 and 2009, income generated from the Foundation endowment was disbursed to deserving organizations such as the Richmond Chinese School, the Richmond Public Library and the Integration Youth Services Society.

We are a modest foundation and we realize our annual disbursements would have only minimal impact. With the wind up of the School, the Foundation also saw the need to transform itself. In 2010, the Board of Trustees passed the resolution to donate all our funds to an organization that shares our vision and could leverage on the Foundation’s funds in promoting the learning of the Chinese language and culture. Several organizations including various academic institutions were invited to tender their proposals. After reviewing all proposals, the Board of Trustees selected the Richmond Public Library to be the recipient of the entire fund of $105,972.

The Foundation believes that a greater number of people would benefit from the funds through the Richmond Public Library. We recognize the Library plays an integral role in fostering the cultural fabric of the community. It makes excellent sense to give the funds to an organization known for its leadership and commitment in promoting Chinese language and culture as evidenced by its extensive language book collections, programs and services.

History provided by officials of the Richmond Chinese School Foundation

The Library plans to purchase books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs and kits on Chinese language and culture, in Chinese and English. In addition, they will purchase Chinese reading club book sets and organize Chinese storytimes for children and relevant adult oriented program. Each book purchased will have a special bookplate attached, acknowledging this donation.

In order to acknowledge this very special and outstanding donation, the Richmond Public Library Board has dedicated the Brighouse (Main) Library second floor program room to the "Richmond Chinese School Foundation Program Room".



基金會的創立可以追溯到列治文中文學校協會, 是他們在1975年創辦了列治文市第一所中文學校。學校為3至17歲學生開設學中文課程,後來根據需求學校又增設了成人班。曾有一度,學校的註冊學生超過了500名。


對於列治文中文學校來說,在成功運作20年后,學校的理事們意識到可以把學校的影響進一步擴大到整個列治文社區。列治文中文學校協會捐給基金會一筆基金,旨在促進所有有興趣者 - 不論其種族背景 – 學習中國語言和文化。







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