Fun Reading Collections

Kindergarten Readiness
Theme Bag

What's in a Kindergarten Readiness Theme Bag?

Each bag contains 6 books that were hand picked to help your child learn a specific concept and gain important social skills.

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Baby & Preschool
Theme Boxes

What is a Theme Box?

Theme boxes are fun educational kits created for Babies (ages 0 - 3) and Preschoolers (ages 3+).

Each box contais 8 books, 1 CD/DVD, 1 puppet & 1 rhyme booklet.

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Science Kits

What's in a Science Kit?

Each kit contains 5 books, 1 DVD and 1 toy that will help your child learn fun scientific concepts.

Science kits are great for school aged children and they are very popular. Hurry, take one home today!

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10 Themes To Choose From

Want to find more science related books and resources for kids? Checkout the Let's Learn page.

Brilliant Brain Bins

What Are Brilliant Brain Bins?

Brilliant Brain Bins contain exciting hands-on activity that will give you a chance to explore something new and will challenge your thinking skills. Assemble a life-sized skeleton, solve 3D pentomino puzzles, write your own graphic novel and more!

Children may use these in the library on their own, with a parent, or a library volunteer.

In library use only.

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