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Book of the Month: March- Bone Gap

Gossip reigns high in the small farm town of Bone Gap, USA. In a town where everyone knows everyone else's business (or at least thinks they do), Finn is laden with guilt over the misconceptions of his peers. Roza, a beautiful Polish woman who recently appeared in Bone Gap under mysterious circumstances was kidnapped and he was the last person to see her. No one believes it was a kidnapping, not the police, not the townsfolk, not even Finn’s older brother Sean. Determined to set things straight, Finn sets out to find Roza, no matter the cost. Jumping from past to present, the stories of Finn, Roza, and the people of Bone Gap are woven together in a beautiful, heartbreaking tale.  

This book was particularly interesting because it was hard to tell if it was a piece of true life fiction or a supernatural tale: you're left guessing until the very end.  I found that factor gave the story a compelling edge.  Finn and Roza are both well written characters with a lot of realistic characteristics. Roza, a recent immigrant to the USA, suffers untold horrors as a beautiful young woman far from the protection of her home and family. The flash backs outlining her circumstances are both enthralling and poignant. These well developed characters and their engaging backstory make for a complex and slightly eerie read!

Warning:  For older teens due to sexual content and instances of domestic abuse.

Other Similar Books on Social Injustice: How it Went Down , The Alex Crow, Out of Darkness 

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