Automatic Renewals

To enhance customer experience, we will automatically renew eligible items for a maximum of two times their full loan period.


The automatic renewal service is already in place for all customers and there is no need to opt in.

We will attempt to auto-renew your checked out items when we send you the Courtesy Notice email 1 day prior the due date for 1 week loan loans and 3 days prior the due date for 3 week loans. All eligible items will be renewed a maximum of two times their full loan period.

Automatic renewal calculates the new due date from the original due date, not from the date of renewal so you will not lose any time.

The Courtesy Notice may include items that could not be automatically renewed with current due dates along with items automatically renewed.

If you do not wish to keep these items longer, simply return them on time as usual.

You can also manually renew online or renew all eligible items in person at the library.

Listed below are the items that will not be automatically renewed:

  • There is a hold on the item by another customer
  • You have reached the maximum amount of renewals
  • 3 Day Loan DVDs
  • Special Collection items (incl. Birdwatching kits, Hiking Backpacks, Fishing kits, Ukuleles, STEAM kits)
  • Video Games
  • Lucky Day
  • Book Club Sets
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Kids Science Kits
  • Theme Bags & Boxes
  • Hamilton Book Dispenser items
  • Minoru Book Dispenser items
  • Laptops
  • You have a billed item (21 days overdue) or more than $10 in charges on your account
  • There is a block on your account for items returned in incomplete or poor condition